20 September 2010

Fun is arriving

I've always believed that things for the home or office should be useful.  If they aren't, then they had better be fun!  This holiday I've brought back some favorite games and toys.  I'm introducing more gifts for kids, like water based nail polish.  Of course, parents will probably have more fun than their kids with the items I'm finding.  Stretchy shoelaces? Why wouldn't an adult use them?  I'm also more drawn to things that have a D-I-Y aspect.  I'm in love with a tote bag that hangs across your body, like a beauty queen sash.  I'm very tempted to write Miss Happy on mine.  They are made of Tyvek, the same plastic paper as shipping envelopes.  The bags won't tear and just get better with age.  How much fun to decorate it yourself.

It's not like your child would drink nail polish.  But, if it did happen, wouldn't you like to know that this product is as safe as water?

The finger toys are back!  Of course these have no purpose except to make you smile. The arm wrestle toy is a must-have for any party.
Remember we tied our K-Swiss with shoelaces printed with stars?  Well, these laces are stretchy so you can simply pull your sneakers on and off.

Looking back at my high school journal recently, I realized that I'm still facing the same challenges- losing 10lbs, whether he loves me or loves me not, what my weekend plan will be.  Wouldn't it be better to look back at your life and only see good things?  I fell for this calendar because it is the perfect size to write down one good thing that happened to you that day before you fall asleep. Since there are 12 books, it is easier to keep up with journal writing as you get to complete your project every month instead of after an entire year.
I'm calling this calendar, The Good Book.