23 September 2010

Simple pleasures

I love this time of year- opening up my annual gift shop.  Every day boxes arrive and I get to tear into them and play with all the new items that I fell for during the year.

Today I received the IT item that everyone should have.  It's a mesh fabric mobile phone holder for your wrist.  No more missed calls because you didn't hear the ring or feel the vibration. They come in 3 sizes to guarantee a great fit.  The fabric allows for touch screen technology so you're truly hands free using this product.  Perfect not only for working out but also for loud venues (think restaurant opening or NYC city street).  Can't wait to use it this winter under a coat.

More goodies came today- interactive placemats for kids and hilarious journals.  The 8 mats are printed on both sides and come with sticker books so they can be decorated.

I also got in my first batch of scented candles.  The new maison candles are oversized and translucent black and red glass.  Of course I selected my favorite fragrances- crisp champagne and black figue.

Can't wait to see what arrives tomorrow!