20 September 2010

Collaborative retail- part 1

September is traditionally spent searching for the ideal retail space for my annual holiday gift store.  I walk the neighborhoods noting lease signs and snapping pics of potentials spaces.  Several weeks ago I journeyed up W 3rd towards the Farmers Market. I popped in to see Natalie and Greg at their shop, Traveler's Bookcase.  It is an amazing resource for anyone planning a trip.  They have every reference book imaginable, coffee table books to inspire you, and are extremely well travelled so they can advise you and point you to amazing resources. 
Natalie told me she missed my shop on the block and offered to tent her parking lot for Tweak99.  Sadly, I require walls.  The very next day my former neighbor from Hands-on 3rd, Renee, rang me and  and said she had just spoken to Natalie and would I like some space inside her brick-and-mortar studio.   I immediately jumped on it!  To be back on W 3rd with the most incredible group of small business owners and an amazing residential community! 

Renee and I met and the creative thoughts flowed.  So many retail concepts we could collaborate on!  Make-your-own gifts cards.  Wrap parties.  Candle making with local artist and resident, Maura Peters.  Gift wrapping classes.

So, I started my lease early this season and have been getting the shop ready.  Since my shop is inside another business, I don't have the luxury of hiding the build out.  So, to make sure new customers realize that my shop is empty I've created a Soft Open Sale.  While waiting for the latest product to arrive and get wrapped, I'm offering great deals on current stock- up to 70% off.  I'm offering up to 30% off on custom made table linen.  I also am encouraging some pre-holiday shopping by offering 20% on special ordered holiday gifts.

I anticipate Tweak99 should have its grand opening in a couple more weeks.

Here are some examples of product that is already here.
Turn your photos into polaroids.  Write on the bottom with dry erase pens!
Some gifts aren't meant to be practical! They are simply meant for FUN

Totem cups stacked in a cupboard or unstacked as ice cream bowls!

Desk dots- but I also use two to hold photos, place cards and buffet information

These pipettes could be used as oil and vinegar but I use mine for truffle and lemon oils
the dream bank- insert the photo then save up for the item.  perfect for all your loose change