21 August 2010

Homework your kids will love

The 3 R's of decorating 
(Re-arrange, Re-cover, Re-place)
are as easy as A-B-C.

Remember what it was like to come home from school?  You would dash to your room (OK, maybe the kitchen first for a snack) and relax in your safe haven.  Perhaps, turn on music. Maybe, add art to the walls.  Hang out with friends.  Dare I say, sit down at your desk to do homework.

Your bedroom was your creation.  A reflection of your personality.  As you grew up and your interests changed so did your room. The one you had at 10 years old needed to change by the time you were 14.  And that didn't feel right when you returned home on college break at 18.

Transform the bedroom's look by doing these 
fun homework assignments that employ simple decorating tricks and innovative products.

1. Evaluate how the space functions

Since good design functions, you must begin the re-do by understanding how the room is going to be used.
Is it used only when your child comes home from college?  Does he hang out with a bunch of friends to watch You Tube videos?  Does she have enough light to do homework?

2. Paint
Nothing changes the look of a room like a new color.  Select a soft shade with some sheen to lighten up and enlarge the room.  Of course, the bonus of a new paint job is the deep cleaning that must be done before prepping the walls for paint.  Take advantage of having to move the furniture and steam clean the carpets or rugs.

The bathroom appears larger with light paint and white towels. 

3. Rearrange the furniture.

Try pushing the bed into a corner to create more floor space for either spreading out to work on school projects or to hang with friends.  Make sure the desk has appropriate light.  If it can't be near a window, be sure there is a task light.

4. Replace the bedding and recover stools.

Middle School
High School
The bed is usually the focal point of the room. Adding new pillows or changing the entire bedding set is the fastest way to alter the feel of the room.

Also, consider changing the fabric on stools and ottomans.  It's an easy and inexpensive D-I-Y project.

Staple gun magic!

5. Update wall art.

Before you remove artwork from the wall, photograph it so it's always available to see on your computer or phone.  Use acid-free paper to store pictures and art projects.

Archive artwork but photograph it first

To add new photographs, art or notes quickly to the wall, use the new generation of decals and hooks that stick and re-stick without damaging the paint.  Perfect for writing to-do lists, switching photos and meeting dorm room requirements.
Frames that look like Polaroids.  Photos slide in. Label with dry erase pens. 
Clips that stick to any surface
Dry erase mirror
Also available as chalkboards

D-I-Y kits are also available for creating artwork and even decorating shower curtains.
Use a paint kit or start from scratch with a blank canvas

Create your own design

Permanent marker
Machine washable

6. Take pictures of the room 

Boys Room
Guest Room
It's so much fun to compare before and after photos!

Also, some sites like Benjamin Moore let you upload photos so that you can experiment with paint looks.

7. Have fun!

Help your kids with their homework.  Remember, there are no wrong answers.  If it feels right, then it is right.

If you need a tutor, TWEAK home styling is available!  Be sure to ask about special deals on furniture and accessories for TWEAK clients.