22 September 2008

MENtal Gifts

Doesn't shopping for guy gifts drive you crazy?!?!?!

This season TWEAK makes it super easy to find wonderful presents for those hardest to shop for. Some are playful. Others are practical. All are enjoyable.

For the bar:

Solitaire Olive Dish

Arte Italica Pewter Bar Ware

Frosted Cordial Glasses Set of 8

Atticus Stainless Steel Ice Bucket and Tongs

AnimalPewter and Glass Shot Glasses Set of 5

For the desk:

Schleeh Post-It Pad

Jac Zagoory Voyeur Pen

Jac Zagoory Bull Stapler

Jac Zagoory Bear Staple Remover

Jac Zagoory Pigs Pen

Lexon Round Clock

Jac Zagoory Write No Evil Pen Holder

Jac Zagoory Mini Write No Evil Pen Holder

Jac Zagoory Shark Stapler

Jac Zagoory Snake Staple Remover

Lexon Analog Clock

For the den:

Tobias Wong Lightswitch

Finger Drums

DayNa Decker Oil Lamp

Lexon Clock

Wisdom Book

Art of the Automobile Book

Arte Italica Pewter Tray

Delirium Samurai Woods Candle

Magic Candles

Baxter of California Jasmine Candle

Arm Wrestle Toy

For him:

Baxter of California Face Scrub

Kathleen Lewis Stiff and Sore Cream

Boot Knife Socks

Back Up Socks