23 September 2008

Travel Wrap: Airport Friendly Gift Wrap

Now you can carry on wrapped presents!

Don’t pay extra just to check your gifts in baggage.

Don’t fear TSA ruining your gift wrapped presents.

Don’t wrap gifts at your destination.

Travel Wrap:
• Lightweight & easy to pack.
• Quick to assemble- perfect for men.
• Reusable.
• Packaging doubles as a 2nd gift wrap option.

Tara Riceberg of TWEAK designed gift wrap that doesn’t use boxes or tape so
gifts are not only lighter and easier to fit in a carry-on but they are easy to unwrap for inspection and re-wrap beautifully.

Plus, the Travel Wrap cellophane packaging is designed to be used as an additional gift wrap option. Not only is there no waste but the Travel Wrap can be reused by the recipient for their next trip!

For more information, please contact Tara@TWEAKamerica.COM