06 September 2008

Casa Customization

Coffee service by Alice Goldsmith

Silly as this may sound, I have always loved helping people accessorize their homes. To this day customers walk into my store and tell me how much they still love that dining table centerpiece or that vase or those table linens.

How wonderful that 8 years can go by and they still love what they bought!

I like to think that they fall for these objects because they have a say in how they were created. Perhaps they selected the color or customized the dimensions. Maybe they determined the "outfit" and how to accessorize it.

Owen Jones published The Grammar of Ornament in 1856. He writes, "Man's earliest ambition is to create." He goes on to say that we are satisfied when we see evidence of this desire to create developed in others. "When Art is manufactured by combined effort, not originated by individual effort, we fail to recognise those true instincts which constitute its greatest charm."

With the holidays fast approaching, I invite everyone to visit TWEAK and to explore artists' catalogs and samples to see if he/she can find inspiration for some new objects for the home- gifts for friends, new placemats or champagne flutes. Drop by or call Tara Riceberg at TWEAK 310.284.8272 to schedule a time to browse.