20 October 2010

For kids- or is it for adults?

As I don't have kids, I can only buy products for my shop that I know I would like to have and use.  Here are a few of MY favorite things.  Luckily for me, my 6yr old clients seem to agree with me.
If only my cupcakes tasted as good as they look
good manners are important at any age
Gumby meet spoon- makes cooking even more fun
hopscotch anyone?
wonderful for a coffee table

Hercule reminds me of Babar
An organizer for my to-do, will-do, will-never-do papers

Looks great on a shelf as contemporary art
I'm madly in love with Inchimals, a mathematical learning group of blocks.  The dry erase cards pose questions and you must solve them by counting the dots, lines or by aligning the blocks to create solutions.