17 November 2009


Finger Drums $24.99

You play with your fingers and can even record and playback your composition. It's only purpose is to make you, and your friends, smile.

Green salad set $46.99

Also available in black, this set is so clever. The spoons won't slip into the bowl. If you remove them, you have a lightweight fruit bowl.

Totem cups s/4 $67.99

I thought they were simply eye candy for my cupboard. As I have now discovered, they make perfect ice cream dishes. Of course, I had to give up eating the entire pint!

Back-up socks $14.99

They seem like conservative socks until you realize you have a fun gun at your ready. Definitely lightens up the work mode.

Sake bomb $99.99

Alexander Purcell's latest design. Pour sake goes into the vessel, then pour it into the cup, then pour it down your throat. Repeat several times. Bombed! (I've tested it. It works.) Store cups on the spines. Doesn't it remind you of a sea mine or a puffer fish?

Locket frame $77.99

Hang it on a door knob or on a cabinet door. This oversized frame holds 5 x7 photos.

Whisky rocks $22.99

Truly whisky on the rocks. This set has 9 Vermont soapstone rocks that you chill for 4hours before using. When cold, add them to a dram of whisky. They take the edge off without destroying the flavor, as melting ice does.

Bamboo vases $49.99 ea.

Made in China isn't a bad thing when it is hand-made porcelain by Bo Jia, a Chinese designer in Washington D.C. These contemporary gems are made in the traditional Chinese porcelain capital, Jingdezhen.

Upside down planter $99.99

How fabulous is this! This planter also comes in smaller sizes. The tiny one would be perfect for herbs or as a teacher gift. The planter has a special watering ring at the top and a ceramic ring at the bottom to prevent the dirt from falling out.

New classic book $44.99

You buy the "book" and gift it. The recipient goes online and can request to have up to 6 character names changed. Then in 3 weeks a book is mailed out printed with the new character names. Some titles are Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood.
Great hostess gift, engagement present or a little something for someone who has everything.

Dolmen radio $68.99

Anyone need an emergency radio that can play on batteries? This is one of the many radios that I love for a guest room or a bathroom counter. The fact that it can be used when the power fails is the bonus- the gift with purchase.

Save-up frame $29.99

Place a photo of your object of desire in the frame and start depositing the coins. Of course, a picture of a Dan Tana's steak might not be appropriate.

Whale tongs $54.99

The design is genius. There is a simple cut, a dowel and a magnet. A British naval officer took up wood working while retiring to New Zealand. The result is this whale shaped serving utensil.

Sun brella $74.99

The most beautiful umbrella not only protects you from the sun's harsh rays but also from a wet downpour.