27 November 2007

The Latest Greatest Under $30 Gifts

Have fun with these playful gifts.

Dog Toys: Bark Nicholson, Pup Doggy, Bruce Woofless

More squeaky toys: Entertainmutt Weekly (My ear job nightmare)
InSniff (What not to wear when chasing cars)

Mixed Tape v2. Love this! Download music to the memory stick- gift it in the "cassette box"
Wouldn't this be amazing loaded with a dinner party playlist that you then gift to each guest?

Fantastic nite lite. Touch the light and the rays are drawn to your finger.

Donna Brady unscented candles with photos of Brooklyn graffitti

Rubber trivet- great gift. Probably something you wouldn't buy for yourself but could certainly use.

set/6 rubber mosaic coasters

rubber mosaic trivet