27 November 2007

Entertaining is Fun!!

Serve up a good time with these fun salad servers and bowls. Remember, one can never have enough serving pieces.

Stainless steel and bronze servers $88

Horn servers $45/pair

Octagon shaped teak servers $90

Kamagong and m.o.p. servers $100

Stainless steel servers $95

Bone handled servers $45

Nima Oberoi's aluminum servers $55/pair

Oversized spoon servers $80

Assorted bowls starting at $200

Teak wood bowl $150

Teak wood curved bowl $140

Nima Oberoi's deconstructed bowl $135

Resin bowl $275 Shell/m.o.p. servers $175

Nima Oberoi's Wave bowl $175- also great for an orchid

Black porcelain bowl $100

Paul Hathcoat glass bowl $100
Stainless steel/horn servers $110
Silverplated tongs $78