27 October 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Chess, checkers, cards, cribbage and dominoes all in a leather box $99.99
I'm addicted to game night with my friends from high school.   We get to regress to being sixteen again- when our only worries were what our weekend plans would be, who had the best wardrobe and whether or not he would call.  Wait, isn't that life at 42?

Seriously, it is fabulous to get together for a casual night of laughter and finger foods.  When buying for the store, I try to find things that I myself would want for my home.  Here are some things that I found for my next game night party- also available at www.tweak99.com
Greet guests with a special libation filled with ice cubes shaped like card suits


Light the candles with these card matches $4.99
Play ping pong on any table with this adjustable net. $47.99
Assemble this 3D puzzle and create table art. $31.99
Challenge a friend to a game of arm wrestle $24.99

Serve hors d'oeuvres on Bingo plates $19.99 each
Set the dinner table with these hand crocheted mats set/4 $39.99

Roll dice.  Arrange cubes.  Make poetry. Smile. $27.99

Throw these on a coffee table $14.99

Not sure which game to play?  Consult the Ultimate Book of Card Games $21.99