13 October 2011

Building a Better Mousetrap

Watch how it works! http://youtu.be/ZvQLv6j1Kto
I call it jumping when you take that leap and try something new.  It's scary yet nothing great comes from playing it safe.  I have so much respect for people who jump.  To have the belief that you can make a difference, that you can bring an idea to life.  We all have great ideas.  How many of us actually bring them to life?  To come up with a concept, have the product manufactured and brought to market is no easy task.

Designer Laurie Cohen jumped.  She believed purse hooks were essential fashion accessories and that no purse should leave home without one.  It took her many years to get the design and manufacturing right.  Unfortunately, the market became so saturated with bad product that shoppers lost faith in the beauty and need for purse hooks.  Still, with all the hooks out there, she knew she could build a better mousetrap.

She faces an uphill battle but great design that functions always wins.

I have so much respect for people who take the risk to try something new.  I'm proud to support them and encourage them to keep jumping.

Check out this great video of Laurie's Mon Mode purse hanger in action http://youtu.be/ZvQLv6j1Kto

To purchase her product, you can check it out on my site www.tweak99.com  or email me at gifts@tweak99.com