23 November 2010

Creating original and interactive experiences for both crafty and techie customers

TWEAK99, Value Smart Design gift boutique, opens inside craft workshop Hands-on 3rd so customers can touch, learn, interact and create.  By collaborating, innovative retailer and celebrity home stylist, Tara Riceberg creates another first for gift shop experiences.  Scan Quick Response (QR) codes for secret deals. Make gift cards. Use the wrap station.  Arm wrestle for points on the geo-social game SCVNGR.  In 2004, Riceberg introduced the pop-up shop to Saks Fifth Avenue.  She was the first to build an entire store filled with grab-n-go convenient “All Pre-wrapped Gifts.”  Last year she built the first recession friendly “Everything under $99” store.  
Curating a selection that takes the chore out of gifting, Riceberg not only offers smart, affordable, functional items that are pre-wrapped in TSA-friendly cellophane, but also encourages playing and touching everything. Riceberg believes, “It’s the main advantage stores have over the Internet.” Feel a hot-glue bowl. Smell Savannah in a scented candle. Tap on the mini steel drums.  “Honestly, if you aren’t touching product in a store, then you might as well stay home and shop online.”  Top Picks for 2010 are the Phubby Phone Wristband, the Molla Space Money Tree and the Appro Sake Bomb. Corporate gift favorites are practical like Jac Zagoory’s pen holders, Mon Mode purse hooks and Colin Schleeh’s note pads. Again, all gifts are lovingly pre-wrapped and under $99.

Going beyond browsing, customers can get “hands-on” by making their own gift cards in the craft studio and are invited to bring in their gifts to wrap with TWEAK99’s supplies and advice on Wednesday Wraps.  Also, clients can select “secret” $25 gifts from the White Elephant Gift display. They view the options like a TV remote/bottle opener or the arm wrestle toy but won’t know what they bought until it’s unwrapped at the party.  Always kid friendly, TWEAK99 offers educational toys and craft stations for kids to stay busy while parents shop.

Tech savvy?  Addicted to the phone?  Do challenges on the red hot SCVNGR app to earn points towards TWEAK99 rewards. Check-in or post photos online for one point.  Make a gift tag and/or play arm wrestle then post results for two points.  On Sundays in December, hunt the store with a QR code scanner app to find the code with the daily deal, from discounts to free merchandise.   TWEAK99 is 100 times more fun than any 99 cent shop!

The thrill of shopping Target with the pride of gifting Barneys, TWEAK99 gifts are affordable, functional and funtastic!   Riceberg subscribes to the Trader Joe's concept of retailing- you don't have to offer everything under the Sun, you just have to offer the best! 

TWEAK99 8377 W. 3rd St. (@ Orlando)  Los Angeles CA 90048  877-TWEAKLY or 310-284-8272
Open daily 10-7 or as needed.  Weds-Thurs 10-10