15 January 2009

Feel Good- Food and Fun were the hit of the season

It seems the best gifts this season were the ones that made people smile. Colorful pasta. Toys. Playful desk art. Serve ware for the bar.

Hands down, the number one gift of Holiday 2008.....

The arm wrestle toy $28

Next, rainbow pasta $12

Wonderful when combined with flavored olive oil $25

And there were lots of fun accessories for the bar: animal shot glasses, bowls shaped like peanuts, an olive dish designed to look like solitaire board game, a diamond shaped ice bucket.

I had lots of odd fun things too! Socks with guns, silly books, and a refrigerator widget.

I could go on and on. If you go to my site and look at the holiday catalog you'll see loads of the affordable, fun goodies that were fabulous this year.