09 August 2008

Child proof, not style proof

There is no reason to sacrifice your grown up style just because you have small kids. When searching for home accessories, look for items that are made from resin, metal, plastic and even hot glue!!

15" bowl by Tony Wurman $165- I could see this resting on a tv cabinet, on a coffee table
and it would like great on a kitchen island filled with fruit. This bowl is made of hot glue and
is food safe.

No fear of this vase breaking. It also is made from hot glue and holds water. Would be great on a side table in the den or at the kitchen counter. $165

Assorted resin vases double as candle holders. Fabulous filled with bunches of daisies! Can be used on the patio, on stairs leading to the front door or on a side table. Prices range from $20-$30. So much style for so little money!

The silver metal coil votive is $25 and has such a gorgeous glow when lit. Partners well with the little gold dove tealight by Nima Oberoi. $60.

French artist Anne-Pierre Malval rolls pvc with crystals and metallic sand to create stunning votive holders. $45(tall) $55 (short). Grouped together they make quite the statement. They also work well when mixed with other votives, like the silver coil.

Votives also work scattered around the house- on a side table, on a stack of books, resting on a cabinet. Try to group in odd numbers.

The beauty of this vase by Anne-Pierre Malval, besides being non-breakable, is that you can create dynamic floral arrangements by putting flowers and tall grass through the holes on the side of the glass. $85

An oblong bowl, like this stainless steel and leopard wood one by Atticus, make an ideal centerpiece for a long dining table. It also is a wonderful serving piece for a buffet table since turned on its side, it won't take up a lot of room. $560

Sometimes one needs a little table jewelry like this silver leafed trivet. $75