02 August 2008

The big guy, big 5-0

I was just asked to provide some ideas for a guy who is turning 50, very stylish and loves his mid-century modern home. Here are some gift suggestions...

7" x 6" glass candle holders- I would gift a pair

top view- Barrick Design candle inside

21" bowl made from hot glue. looks like glass!

15" glue bowl. food safe. child proof and earthquake proof.
(that's important to us Californians!)

15.5" x 8" stunning footed vase- incredible filled with dozens of yellow roses

18" zebra wood luminesse sculpture
9" wick- all the romance, none of the fuss

18" ebony, 3" wick oil lamp

hammered stainless steel and leopard wood bowl
25" x 7"
gorgeous planted with orchids or as a fruit bowl