23 July 2008

Best in Show

It's my favorite time of the year- when I get to go shopping for the holidays. This year I'm introducing gourmet foods and gift baskets. I've also tried to find guy gifts that we all know are the hardest gifts to find. Since men are just big boys, you'll see lots of games and humorous toys this season at TWEAK. The must-have book is the new Vanity Fair. There is only a limited number being printed so get your orders in early if you want one!

Enjoy your peek at some of my finds. More to come next month.

If you would like to schedule a shopping preview either in-store or at the office, please call TWEAK 310.284.8272.

If you need ideas for your corporate gift list, especially if you need to add your logo, please contact me before August 15th, when I leave town on my next buying trip.

Happy Browsing!

"Ice" bucket filled with "ice" cubes

"ice" cubes

Limited edition book

Double walled glasses that are dishwasher safe

Sleek black marble cheeseboard & knife by Atticus

Oragnic bowl lazy susan

Assorted flavored honey

Dicamillo biscotti

Dicamillo biscotti

Bella Cucina's famous artichoke lemon pesto in baking dish

Aviva Stanoff's hand stitched silk albums

gorgeous sitting out on the coffee table

L'Objet Dragon letter opener- so heavy- so dramatic

One of four perfume bottles- fill it or just leave it empty-beautiful!!

Hilarious! A coffee mug whose handle is a diamond ring

Voluspa's latest gift set- assorted room spray

More Voluspa sets

Great guy gifts- books and puzzles

How much fun to gift wine in a mind teasing puzzle!

It's a toy. It's art.

Challenging mind puzzles for the office desk.