30 October 2007


But I'm Thrilled You Did $100- $200

The BEST fruit bowls ever- no science projects at the bottom of these bowls- available in oxidized bronze or nickelplate

The perfect bud vase for a single rose!
The pedastal plate would be great for cake or candles.

Thorn dish for candy or a gardenia

Acacia wood platter, lacquer bowl and horn spoon- gorgeous!

Oval tray by Atticus; Africana vase and bowl by Michael Aram

Michael Aram dandelions - wouldn't the "after" server be great for pasta?

Biz card holder, pencil holder, paper weight
set by Harry Allen (also in white)

Horn box

Stationery by DL & Co. in gorgeous resin box

Salad bowl and matching servers by Nima Oberoi

Nima Obero's deconstructed bowl and wave bowl (love it as a cache pot)

The frog frog- place it in a vase from the florist to create fab art

Maura Peters carved candles- stunning lit or unlit

Nima Oberoi's peanut bowl- love it filled with peanuts on the bar

DL & Co- stunning opium poppy candle