16 October 2007


Welcome. With the opening of TWEAK/boutique 90210, I've realized that I've found so many wonderful things that I want to show you and the quickest way to do this is via a blog. Check in daily to view work by artists with wild imaginations and overwhelming passion. You'll enjoy discovering the eclectic gifts I've selected for this holiday season. They range from playful doormats to digital clocks to remarkable bowls and vases. Of course, they are always FUNctional. I believe that the objects in a home should LIVE. So, light candles. Add a flower to a vase. Offer candies in bowls.


TODAY'S GIFT: "Come in" / "Go away" Doormat

This mind boggling doormat reads differently depending whether you are walking in or out of the house.

It's got to be seen to be believed but from one side this really does read "Come In" and from the other "Go Away". And when you have finished marvelling at this remarkable feat of graphic design you can wipe the mud from your boots too!!

All natural materials

Imported from London
Pre-wrapped and ready to go! $35

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